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Simon Hardy

January 2018

Since the announcement of an outright tenant fee ban in November 2016, the initial horror and disbelief appears to have passed and it seems most agents have come to terms with it. One thing I have noticed is that some agencies have decided to make hay while they can and tenant fees have soared, certainly in the more popular locations. In turn, they appear to have dropped landlords’ fees to win more business; I wonder if Shelter had thought of that negative effect of the impending ban!

Another effect of the ban has been the rise of proptech companies that have used the ban to further promote their services as new income streams and it will be interesting to see if the take-up of these services negates some of the lost revenue. I suspect not.

The draft bill has now been published and if we are honest it is probably better than we could have hoped for and certainly better than what could have been. It will now be ARLA Propertymark’s main focus to ensure that the bill doesn’t get worse as it passes through the parliamentary process. All 22 pages of the bill are available online but you may prefer to read more by downloading our factsheet.

The good news is that the Government is also set on making the industry regulated. ARLA Propertymark has been calling for this for many years and will hopefully be instrumental in shaping how this regulation will be built. It is our hope that ARLA Propertymark becomes one of, if not, the professional body of choice when the regulatory process is decided.

This puts you, our members, in a very positive position in the marketplace as you should already be signed up to the appropriate schemes that will become a requirement of regulation. So, whilst your competitors, who are not members, are floundering around trying to become compliant, you will be able to focus on winning new business for a change! That said we’ll have the impending General Data Protection Regulations to deal with, which will no doubt divert attention from the main game for some period of time.

Regardless of the Government and Shelter’s insistence that rents will go up after the fee ban, we are finding they are going up anyway with well-presented properties commanding record levels of rent. How much more they will rise after the ban, only time will tell.

ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative

South West

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