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Angela Davey

February 2017

The main issue in our area at the moment is Rent Smart Wales (RSW). As most of you should be aware, RSW is designed to raise standards in the private rented sector in Wales by introducing a new law requiring the registration and licensing of landlords and agents.

All landlords who need to register, and landlords and agents who need to become licensed, must register and apply for a licence. The idea is that the licensing authority will work with local authorities to carry out functions under the Act. What is concerning for landlords and agents is that local authorities may lead enforcement action against those landlords and agents not complying with their legal obligations.

Registering on the Rent Smart Wales website is the cheapest and easiest way and once registration is completed each landlord receives a unique registration number. Those landlords who self-manage any rentals must apply for a landlord licence. A number of agents have recently asked me if they can register on behalf of a landlord? The answer to this is no – only the landlord can complete the registration. I’ve also been asked about agent licensing, and who needs to be trained so that an agent can be licensed?

As part of the licensing process and as a condition of an agent licence all individuals carrying out lettings and property management work need to be fully trained to the Rent Smart Wales standard.

ARLA are members of the Rent Smart Wales stakeholder group who meet on a quarterly basis and therefore we are able to have some influence on how this very important piece of legislation is impacting on the lettings industry in Wales.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or questions.

Angela Davey MARLA
ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative