ARLA Regional Meeting - Region 20

Monday 3rd December 2018


Copthorne Hotel,
Copthorne Way,
South Glamorgan,

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Tenant Shop

Tenant Shop

Tenant Shop notify councils and utilities of new and vacating tenants. We manage billing enquiries on Letting Agents behalf and also offer a wide range of services for your tenants during the moving process. We provide a cost free service that can generate a valuable income stream for your business.  


Molly Harris

Molly Harris

After working for a letting agent for 6 years I decided to become a Business Development Manager for Inchora Home within the Tenant Shop division. I felt that my knowledge of lettings would enable me to relate to other lettings professionals and help them understand how Tenant Shop can really help a lettings department. In my first year at Tenant Shop I have set up over 170 letting agents and have built up some really strong relationships.