Associate grade

Associate grade


Post-nominals: N/A

Annual subscription: £230.00
One-off application fee: £50.00

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To maintain the value of membership all members are obliged to comply with our membership rules. More info...

Associate grade members are qualified employees, working in the industry however they do not work for an ARLA Propertymark Protected company so can not use the logo or post-nominals.

Why should I join?

You will have access to our free legal helpline, be kept up-to-date on legislation and industry changes as well as having access to exclusive member discounts. More info...

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Entry requirements

You must be working in the industry and qualified to at least Level 2 standard (Level 5 for Scotland). If you do not have a qualification in residential lettings you can apply for the Student grade. More info...

Propertymark Qualifications offer specialist, regulated property qualifications which can be completed flexibly through distance learning or supported study. More info...

Propertymark Qualifications are readily accepted for membership however other relevant qualifications may also be accepted. Contact the Membership Team for more information.

Principals, Partners or Directors (PPDs)

The Associate grade does not apply to you as you must ensure your company becomes ARLA Propertymark Protected upon joining, so you would join at the Member or Fellow grades.

Can not display the logo

At the Associate grade you can not use the logo or post-nominals. Only members who meet our qualification requirements and work for or own an ARLA Propertymark Protected company can use the logo. This way we limit any uncertainties consumers may have surrounding the protection afforded to them by our members.

Upgrade to the Member grade

Upgrading from the Associate grade to the Member grade, allowing you to use the logo and post-nominals, depends on the company you work for. You must be working for an ARLA Propertymark Protected company.

For a company to be ARLA Propertymark Protected the Principal, Partner or Director (PPD) of the company must also be a member. If you change employment and your new company is ARLA Propertymark Protected your membership will be upgraded upon notifying us of the change.

Alternatively, if the company you work for is not ARLA Propertymark Protected you can look to bring the PPD into membership with you through the Grandfathering scheme. If you have the required qualification and at least five years' experience you can jump straight to the Fellow grade when upgrading your membership.

Grandfathering Scheme

The Grandfathering Scheme offers Principals, Partners and Directors (PPDs) a route into membership without having to become qualified first. During the application process they can instead nominate you as a qualified member. You must be qualified to a minimum Level 3 standard (Level 6 for Scotland). The Principal, Partner or Director (PPD) is still required to ensure their company meets Propertymark's company obligations. More info...


Fellow grade FARLA

Fellow grade members work for or own an ARLA Propertymark Protected company. They have at least five years' experience and are qualified to Level 4 standard (Level 7 for Scotland).

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Member grade MARLA

Member grade members work for or own an ARLA Propertymark Protected company. Employees must be qualified at Level 2 (Level 5 for Scotland). Business owners have different entry requirements.

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If you have any questions please contact our Membership team

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