Student grade

Student Grade


Post-nominals: N/A
Time allowance: Three years

Annual subscription: £90.00
One-off application fee: £50.00

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ARLA Propertymark Inventories

ARLA Inventories is a sub-division of ARLA Propertymark that focuses solely on professional inventory.
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If you are legally responsible for a property company you are not eligible for the Student grade, otherwise the grade is open to anyone. The grade serves as a route into membership whilst studying towards a residential letting qualification; you don’t even have to be working in the industry.

The Student grade will help you develop a career in lettings with the full support of ARLA Propertymark. You will be kept informed of industry changes and get access to numerous discounts. The Student grade has a maximum term of three years allowing plenty of time for the qualification to be achieved and your membership upgraded.

Unfortunately whilst at the Student grade you will not be able to use the logo. Only members who meet our qualification requirements and work for or own an ARLA Propertymark Protected company can use the logo. This way we limit any uncertainties consumers may have surrounding the protection afforded to them by our members.

Workbook Discount

If you are studying towards a Propertymark Qualification contact MOL once you become a member to order your discounted Workbook. You will save £100 on workbooks as an ARLA Propertymark member, simply quote your membership number. More info...

Principals, Partners or Directors (PPDs)

PPDs are not eligible for the Student grade. The Student grade is only open to employees or those not yet working in the industry. However it is possible for PPDs to join ARLA Propertymark without a lettings qualification through our Grandfathering Scheme. More info...

New to the Industry?

If you're just starting out or looking to begin a career as a letting agent we advise you take Propertymark Qualifications' Award in Introduction to Residential Property Management Practice. If you have some industry experience behind you, we recommend you study for the Technical Award in Residential Letting and Property Management. More info...

Passing Your Qualification

Once qualified you will be eligible to upgrade your membership providing you are actively employed as a letting agent. This is not an automatic process so please contact the Membership Team who will guide you through the process.


Fellow grade FARLA

Fellow grade members work for or own an ARLA Propertymark Protected company. They have at least five years' experience and are qualified to Level 4 standard (Level 7 for Scotland).

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Member grade MARLA

Member grade members work for or own an ARLA Propertymark Protected company. Employees must be qualified at Level 2 (Level 5 for Scotland). Business owners have different entry requirements.

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Associate Grade

Associate grade members are employees working in the industry who are qualified at Level 2 (Level 5 for Scotland). They do not however work for an ARLA Propertymark Protected company.

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If you have any questions please contact our Membership team

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