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What does Managed Print Services and Document Management mean to Propertymark Members?

Wednesday 01 August 2018

As a manufacturer of office print and copying equipment our partners over at Olivetti always talk about Managed Print Services and Document Management in terms of how their printers and copiers are managed for your day-to-day running of the business and in-house printing.

However, by stark contrast, Managed Print Services can also mean print activities that are “outsourced” by a local printing company, who take your artwork and produce high quantities of brochures, flyers and leaflets, for you. Likewise, Document Management also means having your documents removed, stored or disposed of by an outside company. There is a fine line between these two meanings and they can be easily confused.

So what is the difference between Managed Print Services and Document Management provided by your office equipment supplier and that provided by other local services?

Alison Hayley, Marketing Manager at Olivetti explains: "Let’s take a look at what your local print company does for you, first. Once you (or they) have designed artwork for a document, such as a poster, flyer, booklet, brochure or stationery, your local printer will take a few days to print your documents, on a wide range of materials, using different processes and finishes and you will receive a large number of printed documents that you can store and use whenever you need to. They manage your prints through recommending the best media for the job, working within your budget, and providing you with an excellent Account Manager, who will work with you to make sure your requirements are met.

"When a local representative of a printer/copier manufacturer talks to you about Managed Print Services, they mean something ever so slightly different. Every business needs a copier or multi-functional printer/copier/scanner to provide every-day work output. Therefore, your equipment supplier will have provided you with the right machine to produce what you need in-house, on a contract that suits your business, giving you the means to print your own leaflets, posters, headed stationery, stapled brochures and other business documents.

"When it comes to Managed Print Services your supplier will be able to manage the maintenance of your equipment, remotely from their own premises, if that suits you, allowing them to take meter readings automatically, see when you need more toner, arrange replacement parts and even manage and prevent faults without interfering with your normal day-to day routine. Your supplier can keep an eye on the usage of the machines and be able to provide a regular report showing your costs and advise how you can make further savings.

"What's more, the results are instant. You can print as many documents as you like, when you like reducing the need to store boxes of printed materials.

"With Document Management, a local Document company will provide you with an outsourced service to scan your old documents, store them off site and specialise in taking all your unwanted paper products away to destroy it and, let’s face it, as well as the day-to-day storage and filing issues, there is bound to be a lot of wastage from unwanted paper, out of date stationery, leaflets and brochures that you ordered from your printer.

"The difference in how Document Management relates to your office equipment is quite a deep subject but, in a nutshell, your multi-functional printer/copier/scanner (MFP) is an amazing document management tool, especially when combined with a Document Management software solution on your IT network. You can scan in your own documents so they can be captured, edited (with OCR recognition) searched for easily and stored digitally. Documents can be emailed from your MFP to other branches, clients and suppliers, using email addresses saved on the hard disk and you can even download photos and documents, for print, from your mobile phone and USB sticks.

"You can set passwords to guarantee greater security on your MFP and send documents to the MFP for printing later when the office is quiet. Giving staff their own method of authentication, like a swipe or proximity card, PIN or password, to unlock the printer enables you to see who is using the machine and you can even charge different branches or departments for usage to help manage costs.

"You can set rules for different departments or people in the office. Some may only need to print in black and white, saving you money on your toner use. All prints can be set to print double-sided, by default, and you can also set a rule for documents to be previewed before printing to avoid misprints – all of which saves paper use.

Like Managed Print Services, Document Management is a huge subject in relation to your office MFP. We have just touched the tip if the iceberg here but there is so much these services can do to improve productivity, save paper, reduce energy use and make the most of the documents you use and need to print; giving you total control over what you print in-house but leaving the time-consuming aspects of managing your business to one local supplier.

Get in touch with Olivetti to discuss how they can help you, whatever your printing needs and there latest offers to members who will be able to offer a great deal for your printing needs