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Behind the scenes with David Cox

20 February 2018

The big news from January was that ARLA Propertymark Chief Executive, David Cox gave exceptional evidence at the CLG Select Committee’s evidence session on the Private Rented Sector and Draft Tenant Fees Bill, but did you know it's part of a much wider lobbying strategy? Read More...

Further evidence sessions on PRS and Draft Tenant Bill

19 February 2018

Later this week the Communities and Local Government Committee will hear further evidence, this time from local authorities and representative bodies, covering the topics of licensing schemes and whether the draft Tenant Fees Bill allow for sufficient enforcement powers. Read More...

Homelessness (End of Life Care) Bill proposed

15 February 2018

A Bill introduced by Liberal Democrate MP Sir Edward Davey, on 7 February under the 10 minute rule motion, aims to offer housing and support for the terminally ill homelessness so they don’t have to die alone on the streets. Read More...

Code of Practice goes live and the Register opens for applications

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Scottish Ministers have confirmed that the Scottish Letting Agent Register has opened for applications alongside the Code of Practice coming into force today.

The Code sets out standards that must be met in how letting agents deliver services including specific requirements on how clients’ money should be handled. It has been introduced with the intention of protecting landlords and tenants while eradicating poor quality housing. It states that it will “help raise standards (where this is needed) and help build a more effective private rented sector that meets the needs of tenants, landlords and letting agents”.

The Scottish Government have also released an updated version of the Code today that includes the changes made by the Private Residential Tenancy and recognises that not all letting agents hold or handle client money.

Download the Code

Letting Agent Registration          

The Scottish is now officially open for applications, if you do letting agency work in Scotland it is required by law that you join the register of letting agents. The deadline for applications is 1 October 2018. After this date, it will be a criminal offence to carry out letting agency work if you are not on the register. To find out more about how to apply visit

Before starting your application, you must ensure that meet the register's training criteria and are complying with the Code of Practice. You can find more details about these requirements in our lobbying section.

To help agents understand the application process the Scottish Government's Letting Agent Registration Team have announced a series of events that will be taking place in February and March. These events will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and find out what information you will need to provide.

David Cox, Chief Executive, ARLA Propertymark comments on the Scottish Register of Letting Agents, opening for applications:

“The Register for Letting Agents in Scotland has now opened, marking a new era in professionalisation of the industry in Scotland. In accordance with the Code of Practice which also comes into force today, agents now have eight months to familiarise themselves with the Code, and complete any training that needs to be done to fulfil the criteria. Once the deadline for applications has passed on 30 September, it will be a criminal offence to carry out letting agency work in Scotland if you’re not on the Register.

“This is watershed moment for the industry. We have long campaigned for the regulation of letting agents both north and south of the border and are pleased the Scottish Government has picked up the mantle and introduced minimum standards. The requirements, mirroring ARLA Propertymark’s membership criteria, will hopefully drive up standards in the industry, improve the quality of property management for tenants, and eliminate those rogue and criminal agents who bring the industry into disrepute.”

ARLA Propertymark are offering promotional membership bundles to help agents with compliance.

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For help with fulfilling your obligations contact Daryl McIntosh, ARLA Propertymark Strategic Development Manager