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How you can help stop domestic violence

20 September 2018

Domestic abuse is one of the biggest issues in society today, but what as agents can you do to help stop it? Read More...

Shadow Secretary endorses Bill requiring landlords to be licensed

19 September 2018

The Shadow Secretary of State for Housing has endorsed a Bill that requires all private landlords in England to be licensed. Read More...

Tenant Fees Bill reaches the House of Lords

17 September 2018

The controversial Bill that will ban most charges set by landlords and letting agents to tenants in England has started its journey through the upper chamber. Read More...


Right to Rent judicial review

Friday 08 June 2018

Earlier this week, the High Court agreed to allow a judicial review of Right to Rent in response to an application by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants supported by the Residential Landlords Association.

In a separate development, a cross party group of MPs has written to Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP, referencing both the recent scandal of the ‘Windrush Generation’ which led to the resignation of his predecessor Amber Rudd MP, and a report into the scheme, written by Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Bolt in March which found:

Overall, the RtR scheme is yet to demonstrate its worth as a tool to encourage immigration compliance (the number of voluntary returns has fallen). Internally, the Home Office has failed to coordinate, maximise or even measure effectively its use. Meanwhile, externally it is doing little to address stakeholders’ concerns”

The letter, signed by 20 Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP MPs including Harriet Harman, Caroline Lucas and Diane Abbot calls for the recommendations of the Inspection Report carried out by David Bolt to be implemented urgently.

The recommendations focus on greater measurement and reporting on the effectiveness of the scheme in meeting clear objectives and development of a new consultative panel “inviting Landlords Consultative Panel (LCP) members and stakeholders concerned with the rights and interests of migrants who were not previously LCP members to join.”