Last chance to stand up to the House of Lords on CMP

Friday 04 March 2016

ARLA has been lobbying hard to make Client Money Protection (CMP) mandatory for letting agents through an amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill. Our campaign continues to gain momentum, but now we need your help!

We believe mandatory CMP is essential in protecting landlord and tenants' deposits and rents from rogue agents, which is why it's already a condition for ARLA membership. 

Last Thursday, ARLA met with Lord Kennedy and Baroness Hayter, the Labour peers leading on the Bill and the amendment and they will help us drive the changes. 

However, this isn't enough. The amendment will need popular support to have any chance of passing. This is where we need your help. We need you to write to your Lords showing your support for the campaign. 


• Write to Conservatives in the House of Lords asking them to support the amendment

• Send hard copy letters rather than emails as they receive more attention

• The letters need to be personalised rather than templates because these do not have sufficient impact

The deadline is 10 March, when the amendment will be debated in the House of Lords. Therefore you need to send your letter today by first-class post.

WE'VE MADE IT AS EASY AS POSSIBLE FOR YOU to draft a letter following the guidance below, so it should take you no more than 20 minutes:

The key message that you need to include in your letter is:
Mandatory CMP will provide significantly more protection to landlords and tenants at minimal shared cost.

Here is a list of Conservative Peers. Pick at least one and get writing!

Here is a list of suggested key points that you should include when drafting your letters.

Our briefing contains the amendment and supporting statements from nearly 30 organisations and companies. There is no need to send the briefing paper to the Lords.

Please take part to ensure the success of this opportunity and encourage your colleagues and staff to do the same.

Don’t just stop at one Peer, send to as many as possible. And remember - you don’t have to write individual letters to each Lord - the same letter sent to many would be great.

Here are some tips to help in addressing Peers in the correct way.

Please let ARLA's Policy & Campaigns Officer, Tim Douglas know of any Peers who respond positively so that we can follow-up on warm leads.

We have a small window of opportunity to make a huge difference to the sector but we can only win if we work together.

The deadline is imminent, please write to at least one Peer today.