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Propertymark's predictions for 2019

14 December 2018

Last week, we took a look back at 2018 and analysed how the market has changed over the last 12 months, but today we're peeking into our crystal ball, to see what's to come in 2019. Read More...

Propertymark Protected agency launches its 2020 green vision campaign

13 December 2018

ARLA Propertymark Protected Newton Property, one of Scotland’s leading lettings companies, has this week launched its national 2020 Green Energy Vision campaign helping Scotland embrace a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly future. Read More...

Double-edged sword as cost of student lets rises

10 December 2018

Universities across the UK have seen student numbers escalate over recent years and they had to turn to the private sector to help ensure supply of accommodation. According to a report released last week by Unipol and National Union of Students (NUS), this has been a double-edged sword, bringing both benefits to students, and cost implications. Read More...

Comply and increase efficiency by tapping into utilities portal

Thursday 15 January 2015

Landlord and Tenant Address Portal (Landlord TAP) in an indispensable utilities portal which makes it easier for landlords and managing agents of properties in England & Wales to provide water companies with details of those responsible for the payment of water and/or sewerage charges for their tenanted properties.

Landlord TAP Ltd was established by Water UK, the body which represents all the UK water companies at national and EU level, in order to develop a single national website to make it easy for landlords and managing agents to provide information to the water companies.

Instead of needing to pick up the phone, or write to your water company, once you are registered, you can use the forms on the Landlord TAP website to provide all the information that the water companies require. This information is then passed to the relevant water company automatically, and you will receive a unique transaction receipt reference for your records.

You can then use the website to:

  • Add new properties to your portfolio;
  • Tell us about changes to tenant details, including changes of tenancy;
  • Let us know when a property becomes empty; and
  • Inform us if you sell or stop managing the property.

The added benefit - helping to drive down water bills!

According to, bad debt adds around £21 to every annual bill. It’s suggested that the major cause of this is the transient residents.

Water UK said: “to make a real difference to the cost of bad debt, water companies need information on all their customers, not just some of them. Landlord TAP tries to solve this problem.”

“We believe that it is essential that the provision of information by landlords and managing agents is mandatory and covers all rented properties, whether in the private or social sector or for smaller or larger enterprises.

Rhona Freeman from Thames Water and the Landlord TAP steering group explained that some of the objections they receive include: ‘it’s going to take ages to enter in my entire portfolio’ and ‘what’s the point, what’s in it for me?’

“These are two very valid points said Rhona. Firstly Landlord TAP has a bulk upload function where you down load a template, fill in all of the required details and then simply upload it. The maximum batch is 1,000 per transaction but the process is simple and quick to do.

“Secondly as mentioned above bad debt is added to all water customer billst, therefore reducing the bad debt by letting the water companies know who is living in the property, when they move out and when the property is vacant will have a significant effect on this global debt figure and will not only benefit tenants but customers as a whole, even your own water bill.

“Thames Water fully support the use of Landlord TAP to address these issues and it is user friendly for Landlords, Managing agents and Social Housing Groups.”

The legal requirement for landlords in Wales

In 2014 the Welsh Assembly Government implemented enactment of Section 45 of the 2010 Act which led to the insertion of Section 144C into the Water Industry Act 1991.

This requires landlords whose rental properties receive their water and / or sewerage services from Welsh Water or Dee Valley Water to provide information about their tenants to the company under new regulations introduced by the Welsh Government.

These changes, which impact on landlords, Housing Associations and Local Authorities, came into effect on 1 January 2015 and require landlords to supply their water company with details about tenants within 21 days of the tenants becoming liable for charges.

If this is not done, the landlord can become jointly and severally liable with the tenant for any water and sewerage charges.

Gareth Williams from Welsh Water / Dwr Cymru said: “Initially there was distinct lack of awareness across the complete landlord community in Wales. In view of this Welsh Water took the approach of reaching out to the community to make landlords aware of their responsibilities.”

The PRS landlord registration process in Wales is further supported by the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 which requires all landlords of private domestic rental properties to register themselves and their rental properties, and nominate a managing agent for the property, who in turn must obtain a licence.

Gareth continued: “In some instances a landlord has been sent a bill and has contacted Welsh Water. In the majority of instances to date, where it has been evidenced that in the avoidance of doubt the landlord may have been unaware of the regulations, a settlement has been agreed on the understanding that the landlord will comply going forward.”

“Where it is clear that any landlord was aware of the regulations but failed to comply no such concessions will be made.”

Start using Landlord Tap

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