Download the ARLA template and display your fees!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

The Consumer Rights Act has made it a legal requirement for all lettings agents in England to display details of all fees and charges on websites and in offices from 27 May.

Agents also need to display whether or not they are a member of a client money protection scheme along with details of the redress scheme that they belong to.

We have met with DCLG to clarify queries raised by the wording of the act and created a series of ARLA Agent Fees and Charges Display Templates to support ARLA Licensed members in complying with the Consumer Rights Act and providing the best possible services to all their clients.

All letting agents must display a comprehensive list of fees, penalties and charges at each office at which the agent deals face-to-face with clients as well as on their website. Consumer Rights Act guidance states that “Ill defined terms such as administration cost must not be used. All costs must include tax.”

view the sample templates

download the editable templates

view the ARLA guidance on amending and displaying the templates

Click here to view DCLG Guidance on the Duty of Letting Agents to Publicise Fees.

David Cox, ARLA MD:“One week from today (Wednesday 27 May 2015) the new legislation contained within the Consumer Rights Act 2015, requiring letting agents to clearly publicise their fees, will come into force. In addition, letting agents will also be obliged to state whether or not they are a member of a client protection scheme and which redress scheme they are signed up to.

“We are reminding all our members to comply fully with the new measures; relevant information should be placed prominently in offices where letting agents have face to face contact with clients, as well as on their websites. Any costs to landlords and tenants must be clearly defined and comprehensively outlined, including all fees, charges and penalties that may be charged before, during and after a tenancy.

“We urge all our members to make the necessary changes now before next week’s deadline, to ensure that they do not fall foul of this new legislation.