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Many Letting and Estate Agents want to go into Block Management. In fact in our experience clients are requesting this, having found a good Letting Agent they would like to give them more business. Agents are, however, rightly concerned to be aware of all the rules and procedures begore beginning. Whilst as Letting Agents we are managing the inside of properties, the block manager is concentrating on the exterior of common parts.

This updated series of courses is designed to equip delegates with an understanding of the legal requirements and practical guidance in all the essential procedures. The courses will enable property professionals who are unfamiliar with block management to enter this expanding business with its unique attraction of a continuing an regular income.

The courses are also helpful to experienced block managers who will find all the details of the changes to the Tribunal systems and the current discussions over protection of Leaseholders' funds and registration under the new Government schemes for leasehold manager.

These courses are for everyone in block management or contemplating entry to the business. They are to inspire and interest. They offer unique insight into the business and a comprehensive overview of block management.

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Block Management Starting Out
Introduction to Block management
Block Management Law and Practice
Advanced Block Management
All Courses Small

Asset Skills Training
Residential Block & Estate Management

This is an introductory open learning course and reference material for residential block managers and support staff in England and Wales.

It provides the knowledge needed for the Institute of Residential Property Management’s (IRPM) Foundation examination (formerly Part I) and covers every aspect of managing small blocks to luxury city apartment buildings.

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