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Angela Davey

September 2018

The Private Rented Sector (PRS) in Wales is regulated and has been for some time. All landlords must register on a national database, self-managing landlords must be licensed and all letting agents and their workforce must be licensed. This in itself has impacted upon our industry. As more and more landlords become licensed there are fewer opportunities for agents to grow their managed portfolios.

We have seen a number of the smaller agents exiting from the market as the larger corporates acquire their managed portfolios. No doubt we will see more of this when the tenant fee ban goes live, as it effectively turns off the tap from this valuable income stream.

ARLA Propertymark is continuously being asked for its input into any property-related issues on the agenda coming through the Welsh Assembly Government. We represent our membership on a number of stakeholder groups and we were the go-to experts when Rent Smart Wales (the single licensing authority in Wales) was looking to launch its brand.

Agents in Wales watched with interest as ARLA Propertymark gave evidence to Assembly Members (AMs) who are looking to shape the tenant fee ban. We were able to give a balanced and truthful argument against a total ban, pointing out that this would impact on tenant selection, referencing checks and valuable work that is carried out by agents for their tenants during the course of a tenancy. We have pointed out to the Welsh Government that agents are planning to offset some of their losses post ban. Rents will certainly rise and landlords will need to pay higher fees for service. We, therefore, do not believe the Bill will achieve its aim, which is to ensure that we maintain a vibrant PRS in Wales which is accessible to all.

Agents in Wales have taken advice and are getting in touch with their AMs. We can only hope that when the ban goes live that our views will have been heard.

Angela Davey MARLA
ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative

South West

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