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Dawn Clarke

July 2018

In Shropshire and Staffordshire it’s evident that the continuous changes in legislation and taxation are forcing some landlords to sell and look at other ways of investing their capital. But, on the bright side, we are finding that other investors are buying up those properties – at the moment. Demand for rented properties is still as high, meaning that a large proportion of the population is not in a position to buy property, through choice or circumstance.

Having recently held a landlord forum with approximately 50 per cent of attendees being potential new investors, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of engaging a specialist Propertymark Protected agent, and to highlight the most recent legislative changes in the industry, emphasising that it is too risky to ‘do it yourself’!

Having been involved in the Wrekin Landlords Association’s response to the proposed Selective Licensing Scheme in Telford, I am pleased to advise that this has been dropped by Telford and Wrekin Council after more than 900 people replied to a consultation – said to be ‘the biggest response in the council’s history’. They have replaced the plans with a new set of five proposals called Better Homes for All.

The council hopes these will crack down on rogue landlords and fly-tippers while also improving the private rented sector.

The plans include a new rogue landlord taskforce, an enhanced set of licensing conditions for houses of multiple occupancy, a new housing enforcement policy, a bigger environmental cleaning team and more enforcement officers. But, if Better Homes for All is not a success, Selective Licensing could make a return!

The biggest challenge to all agents is of course the Tenant Fee Ban. We are certainly seeing this as an opportunity to review our business model, and ‘think smarter’ with both our existing and new business. We are confident this will separate the wheat from the chaff, leaving the professional agents to do what they do best, and to charge a reasonable fee. Too many agents are still trying to undercut each other, cutting corners at the same time – all to the detriment of the client. It’s such a shame that most of those clients don’t realise this until it’s too late.

ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative

South West

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