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  • Docklands TBC - Wednesday 14th October 2020 12:00 - 15:00
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Danny Brewer

May 2019

In my second year as a Regional Representative, I have come to realise that my area is diverse and varies greatly, even down to the individual road. Canary Wharf is an extreme contrast to Stratford, as Spitalfields is to Whitechapel. The needs and wants of the individual population area greatly influence the supply and demand of rental stock, unique to this part of London.

The consensus from speaking to the agents I serve is that demand remains relatively the same, but supply is down. City, Docklands & Stratford is traditionally an investor landlord heavy area with plenty of stock aimed at the city professionals and creative industries emanating out of Old Street, Hackney and Stratford. The switch has started, however, with investors either releasing their stock early ahead of the ban or keeping monthly rents the same to retain reliable tenants.

Rents have remained stable through 2016-2018, with early 2019 illustrating the first signs of an increase. Open-market rents appear to have grown marginally in view of the impending ban on tenant fees, with agents leading the charge. Education has been key for landlords, the lack of awareness has been a surprising but necessary hurdle to overcome.

Tenants have conversely become acutely clued up, with tenants asking the right questions and arriving armed with everything they need upfront. This shift in empowerment is a key element of the regional market I cover which, in turn, creates the perfect environment for important legislative changes.

The recent Homes Fitness For Human Habitation Act is one such regulatory improvement, to ensure standards are maintained to exacting standards by landlord and agent.

Danny Brewer MARLA
ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative

South West

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