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Naomi Murdoch

January 2019

While writing this article, we are waiting for the results of the third reading for the Tenant Fee ban legislation in the House of Lords. I hope you have all started to prepare for the fee ban and work out where you can make cost savings within your business and how you can supplement your income in alternative ways..

I thought I would let you know about something interesting that we discovered while re-scanning our database in light of the new HMO legislation that came into force in October 2018. As I am sure you are aware, the previous three stories rule was removed and therefore any landlords of a property with five or more tenants of two or more households should now apply for an HMO license even if they were previously not required to.

We deal with multiple local authorities across London and Surrey, and each of them has their own interpretations relating to HMOs and licenced properties in general, although their guidance is not always clear.

We made an application on behalf of a landlord believing that their property required a license, however discovered that because it was a purpose built flat within a block of three or more self-contained flats it was actually exempt. This is great for landlords of properties within purpose built blocks that are clearly purpose built. However, there is not actually any definition of “purpose built” and essentially, it’s down to each local authority to establish if a building meets one of the tests to determine whether the HMO needs to be licenced. Not helpful for those of us who are actually trying to get it right!

In case you are finding the HMO/Licencing topic a bit of a minefield, ARLA Propertymark has produced a useful fact sheet and a course.


Naomi Murdoch MARLA ARLA
Propertymark Regional Rep

South West

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