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Martin Adshead

April 2019

North Wales, being so far from the South East of the UK, is somewhat isolated from the ups and downs that affect the housing market in that part of the country. Here the letting market continues to experience continued strong demand from small one-bedroom flats up to large detached properties. Rent levels move quite slowly but we are experiencing some modest rises, influenced no doubt, by the fact that demand continues to exceed supply.

Of some concern is the effect that the tapering off of tax relief on buy-to-let properties will have on landlords, which for the year 2018/19 is now up to 50 per cent. Once they see the impact that will have on the profitability of their portfolios, landlords with just a single property might just be pushed to sell their property rather than to continue to rent.

For those landlords with a number of properties with mortgages, it may become an urgent matter, and they may want to sell up in a hurry. It could be that we see the same result that the Government’s policy on diesel engines has had on the car manufacturing industry repeating itself with housing, with a reduced stock being the outcome. This would inevitably push rental levels up.

The Rent Smart Wales legislation that was brought under the devolved power for housing in Wales has brought more landlords to letting agents and we are still finding new cases where landlords have no knowledge of the mandatory licensing required so there are still some opportunities for agents available.

We await more news on the Tenant Fee Ban with an indication that it will be a few months later than that in England i.e. in the second half of the calendar year. The introduction of mandatory standard tenancies may also have an impact on our businesses. There is, therefore, a mixed bag of positives and negatives as we head towards the spring in North Wales. There will be opportunities no doubt for those agents who are planning for the changes that will affect the industry. I urge all ARLA Propertymark members to attend the regional meeting in 2019 to obtain the latest information.

Martin Adshead MARLA, MARLA (Inv)
ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative

South West

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