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David Votta

May 2019

With so much happening with the tenant fee ban and the possible removal of Section 21 it’s clear that the vast majority of tenants in my area haven’t a clue what the tenant fee ban means and all of my tenants feel the fees are justified for the work undertaken but not looking forward to their rent rising.

Some unscrupulous agents have even been increasing rents by 15 per cent and when the tenant refuses the agent has been issuing the Section 21 and then getting the tenant to pay the increase through scare tactics or getting another £600 in marketing and reletting fees to combat the fee ban.

But as usual, this conduct goes unchecked and unchallenged and again dampens the reputation of all us professional agents as the norm. Now all this talk of the consultation of the removal of Section 21 or should I just say “the decision to remove it shortly” is again another draconian and short-sighted one. Sure there are landlords in England that abuse their position and treat tenants unfairly but there are individuals across all professions that can be accused likewise. The hammer doesn’t come down as hard on them and create blanket legislation to ruin it for everyone as it does landlords.

As an agent reading this, how many of your landlords do you think would evict a good tenant that’s paying the rent on time and looking after the property unless they financially have to sell or move back in? It doesn’t happen!

Again more inexperienced decision making on behalf of tenants. The Deregulation Act brought in specific measures to combat unfair eviction but it’s not powerful enough, instead of re-writing legislation, removing the Section 21 and amending the Section 8 why not just fine tune the Deregulation Act and make it fit for purpose. If the government now remove Section 21 then agents will completely stop letting to tenants in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit due to the high-risk element and being unable to get possession.

It remains very difficult to get possession of a property proving anti-social behaviour under a Section 8 notice. Again the legislation set out to protect tenants is making it near on impossible to house them.

David Votta MARLA
ARLA Propertymark Regional Representative

South West

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