Principals, Partners and Directors (PPDs)

Membership gives you the credibility of being part of a respected association with over 9000 members. In order to join, you must ensure each property organisation you are legally responsible for meets our company obligations as part of your individual membership.


Regardless of your experience, if you have a Level 3 qualification or above you can join us at the Member grade.

Apply £265 *



If you have a Level 4 qualification in lettings and five years' experience, you can join ARLA Propertymark at the Fellow grade.

Apply £265 *


The 'Grandfathering Scheme' allows PPDs to join at the Member grade without having to become qualified first. Instead, you would nominate a qualified member (during the application process) who works for your company. The nominated employee must be qualified to at least Level 3 standard (Level 6 for Scotland). However, if the nominated employee were to leave your employment then you would have six months to nominate another employee or pass the qualification yourself.


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Membership benefits

Our free legal helpline means you will no longer need a solicitor on retainer. You'll also get access to many other benefits once you become a member—check out the full range of benefits here. More info...

Industry suppliers

Propertymark Industry Suppliers

Get exclusive discounts on a range of specialist services for the property sector. We've vetted these suppliers to ensure that their products and services will truly benefit your business. More info...


You are required to meet our company obligations as part of your membership upon joining and annually thereafter. You must provide evidence for each company (legal entity) you are legally responsible for that operates in a relevant business area. You can apply for membership and provide the required information at a later date during your application process. Please note that some obligations may involve further costs depending on what your company already has in place.

Client Money Protection (CMP)

You will need to pay the levy to join our CMP scheme. CMP is a legal requirement in Scotland, Wales and will be the case in England on 1 April 2019. More info...

Client accounting

You will need to provide an Accountant’s Report completed by a chartered/certified accountant or complete a client money 'HealthCheck'. More info...

Professional indemnity insurance

Protects your company against claims of negligence or breach of professional duty. You will need to provide evidence that you have the appropriate cover. More info...

Independent redress

It is a legal requirement to belong to a government-approved independent redress scheme. We will need to evidence of which scheme you belong to. More info...

Money Laundering Regulations

We require evidence that your company is registered with HMRC for Anti Money Laundering (AML) purposes—if applicable to your business. More info...

Company Declaration Form

You will need to fill out a company declaration form for each company (legal entity) that you are legally responsible for. More info...

Register with the ICO

Regulations require every organisation or sole trader who processes personal information to pay a fee to the ICO, unless exempt. We will require your ICO registration number. More info…

TPO Codes of Practice

Principals, Partners and Directors are required to follow The Property Ombudsman’s CTSI approved Codes of Practice. More info…

*Applications are also subject to a one-off, non-refundable £50 application fee. Further costs may be involved to meet our company obligations, this will depend on what your company already has in place—some company obligations are a legal requirement.