Private Rented Sector Report Archive 2017

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January sparks spike in demand for rental accommodation

Key findings

Demand for rental properties rose in January

Supply of rental stock increased marginally

23% of agents saw tenants experiencing rent hikes


London rent hikes start to slow

Key findings

Rental costs in London are increasing at a much slower rate than the rest of the country

Nationally, the supply of rental stock decreased in February while demand stayed the same

MARCH 2017

Number of landlords exiting the market on the rise

Key findings

Last month, agents reported a rise in the number of landlords selling up

Demand from tenants rose marginally in March while supply of available properties remained the same

APRIL 2017

Supply of rental properties in London drops by a third while rest of market plateaus

Key findings

Supply of properties available in London fell by a third in April, while only rising marginally on average across the UK

The number of tenants negotiating rent reductions decreased

MAY 2017

Rent costs start to indicate upward trend

Key findings

More than a quarter of agents witness rent hikes for tenants

Letting agents have 65 prospective tenants registered per branch in May

JUNE 2017

Rent hikes hit 14 month high

Key findings

A third of letting agents saw rents rise for tenants in June

Letting agents call on the Government to improve enforcement for rogue agents and regulate the sector

JULY 2017

Rents remain high

Key findings

The number of letting agents who saw rents rise for tenants remained at 31 per cent in July, up from 27 per cent in May

Rent stock continued to increase slowly, alongside growing demand


Tenants continue to face rising rents

Key findings

The number of letting agents who saw rents rise for tenants stood at 35 per cent in August

Rent stock decreased marginally whilst demand grew


Surge of rent increases subsides

Key findings

The number of letting agents who saw rent costs rise for tenants fell to 27 per cent in September, from 35 per cent in August

Demand for rental accommodation rose by 10 per cent month on month in September, while supply remained the same


Rental market shows sign of Slowdown

Key findings

Supply of rental stock and demand from prospective tenants was down in October

The number of tenants experiencing rent hikes also fell last month


Tenant rent increases at an all time low

Key findings

The number of tenants experiencing rent increases fell to lowest level seen since records began three year ago

Empty homes sat on the market for the longest period recorded in three years


Rental stock reaches record high

Key findings

The number of properties managed per branch rose by four per cent in December

Tenants stayed in rental properties for 18 months on average


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