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Regulations on local lockdown published

03 July 2020

The UK Government has published Regulations for Leicester which clarify that agents do not need to cease viewings or close branches in areas of local lockdown. Read More...

Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill no longer proceeding

03 July 2020

The Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill that was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 1 June 2020, with the aim of controlling rent levels for Private Residential Tenancies has not been advanced to Stage 1 consideration. Read More...

Propertymark continues to raise its profile

Thursday 27 April 2017

It's amazing to think that although the Propertymark brand was launched less than three months ago, we are already seeing the brand beginning to gain traction and recognition among the public, the industry and the powers that be.

This was demonstrated superbly when just last week in the House of Commons, Labour MP for Easington, Grahame Morris name checked us by using the term Propertymark Protected in reference to letting agents in his question to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions about housing benefit

Grahame Morris asked the Secretary: "If he will bring forward proposals to ensure that housing benefit is paid direct only to landlords, or letting agents, who are Propertymark Protected."

It's clear by this statement that Morris, clearly sees Propertymark Protection as a sign of quality in the Private Rented Sector, and it's a fantastic example of how far our messaging, following launch, has reached.

Mainstream media including The Times and The Daily Mirror regularly feature comments from our two Chief Executives, David Cox and Mark Hayward and our consumer facing articles are being shared across mainstream media such as lifestyle magazine HomeStyle and social media.

Our lobbying and campaigning work is crucial in influencing Government and pushing forward change in the sector, with the ultimate aim of making the industry regulated. We've been successful in doing this in Scotland, with the Scottish Government effectively putting ARLA Membership criteria on the statute books. Our hope is that the same will happen in England. 

Helping you help our industry

For our campaigning to be successful, we need your help too. However, we realise that many members won't be comfortable lobbying their MPs and responding to consultations, which is why we will continue to find ways to make it as easy as possible for you to make a difference.

For example we've recently launched our Letting Agent Fees Toolkit which gives you everything you need to be able to easily lobby your MPs, who can in turn apply pressure to get the Government to reconsider a total ban on fees.

If you're worried about your writing skills or simply don't have the time to draft and re-draft, you can also respond to any Government consultation by replying directly to our Policy and Campaigns Officer who will compile a powerful argument from the perspective of our members on your behalf. 

The Government are listening to us. For example, they have finally made CMP compulsory for all agents, and we've also managed to get reduced Rent Smart Wales fees for our agents. And with more members than ever before, they will have to listen to us more and more as we represent a growing proportion of the industry. 

Making the brand visible

Campaigning is just one side to what we do. To make the Propertymark brand work and consumers flock to your doors it's absolutely vital that our campaigning is backed up by collective marketing from all of our members. You must make the ARLA Propertymark brand is as visible as possible. This will help us to become a household name across the UK.

Ensure that you proudly display the new ARLA Propertymark logo across all of your marketing and stationary materials and promote the benefits of using your services. You can find a wide range of dedicated merchandise and publications available to support you from our online shop, including our Fees Templates which we relaunched this week. 

Never before have our members had more tools at their disposal, including fact sheets on the most important issues facing practising agents today, a flagship magazine featuring top stories with more input from our members than ever before, regular newsletters and events. 

Members in Northern Ireland can now benefit from a legal helpline, and Scottish members can make sure they are compliant with the forthcoming changes by grabbing one of our qualifications and training bundles.

We've also got help on hand for people looking to break into the property industry via our dedicated Propertymark mentors who between them have decades of experience in all areas, and we'll be increased our advertising presence in the months to come.  

There really has never been a better time to be an ARLA Propertymark member!