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Ex-Housing Minister calls for changes to landlords Capital Gains Tax

18 April 2019

Former Housing Minister, Dominic Raab has called for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for landlords to be scrapped on properties up to £35,000 where they have sold the property on to a sitting tenant. Read More...

Bristol City Council to lead on lettings enforcement

18 April 2019

Bristol City Council has been announced as the Lead Enforcement Authority for letting agents operating in England. The new Lead Enforcement Authority follows its counterpart for UK-wide estate agency, which is headed by Powys County Council. Read More...


Welsh Government announcement on Section 21

Sunday 14 April 2019

Over the weekend, the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford, said at the Welsh Labour Conference that, "we will abolish unfair letting agents fees in the private rented sector and we will end the demeaning and degrading practice of no-fault evictions for those people who live in the private rented sector here in Wales."

Consequences of revoking Section 21

ARLA Propertymark unequivocally disagrees with any plans to scrap Section 21. Tenants are rarely evicted via this route unless their landlord has a genuine reason for needing their property back, such as selling or needing to conduct major works.

ARLA Propertymark is seeking dialogue with the First Minister to ensure that he fully understands the consequences of any changes. It is vital that changes are based on evidence and that grounds are comprehensive and give landlords the ability to regain their property.

It is likely that the Welsh Labour Government will look at similar measures taken in Scotland, where no fault evictions were abolished with the introduction of the Private Residential Tenancy in 2017.

Meeting Welsh Government

ARLA Propertymark will be engaging fully with the Welsh Government and Assembly Members, voicing the views of members throughout the process.

David Cox, ARLA Propertymark Chief Executive said:
"The effects of the Tenant Fees ban from 1 September have not yet been felt. Although in the majority of cases there is no need for Section 21 to be used, there are times when a landlord has to use the measures to regain posession of their property. An end to Section 21 could be devastating for existing supply in the private rented sector and on new landlords considering investing in buy to let properties."
ARLA Propertymark will update members on developments throughout.