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Winter weather precautions

20 January 2021

Propertymark Industry Supplier, Gallagher offers practical steps that can help agents and their clients reduce the risk of damage to property as areas of the nation are set to see further warnings of more inclement weather to come. Damage caused by the escape of water from frozen pipes and other equipment can be extremely costly in repairs and disruption. Read More...

Concerns raised over new energy efficiency proposals

20 January 2021

Propertymark has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on Improving the Energy Performance of Privately Rented Homes in England and Wales by highlighting a number of concerns. These relate to affordability and the need to look beyond a one-size fits all policy and develop proposals that work with the different age, condition, and size of properties in the private rented sector. Read More...

Change smoke and carbon rules for earlier checks

19 January 2021

Propertymark has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on extending the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Regulations in England, arguing that the rules should be amended so that landlords and agents must make sure the alarms are tested prior to the start of the tenancy and not on the first day of each new tenancy. Read More...

Draft Scottish Advice Note on cladding fire risk released and open for feedback

Wednesday 26 August 2020

On 30 March 2020, Scottish Government approved the launch of a Technical Working Group tasked with developing a Scottish Advice Note to determine the fire risk of external wall systems in multi-storey residential buildings.

This decision was in response to the consolidated advice released by the UK Government’s Independent Expert Panel on Fire Safety on 20 January 2020. The advice, which doesn’t have legal status in Scotland, dealt with the fire performance of cladding, fire doors and other construction aspects and offers assistance to building owners in managing risk.

The Scottish Advice Note will take on board the key findings from the fire testing of external wall cladding systems carried out by the UK Government and make it clear what the different legislative requirements and guidance will be in Scotland.

Open to feedback

The Technical Working Group has now met three times and has produced a draft version of the guidance which can be viewed below. They are now looking for feedback and will be conducting a series of webinars and meetings with key stakeholders. If you wish to take part in any of the webinars, you can register using the links below.

Draft Scottish Advice Note - External Wall Systems

Tuesday 15 September

Wednesday 30 September

Tuesday 20 October

The consultation phase will be completed on 25 October 2020.