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Energy Efficiency PRS Regulations in Scotland on hold again

15 January 2021

The Scottish Government has today, 15 January, announced the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (Scotland) Standards that were to come into law in April 2021, with the first standard requiring properties to have a minimum EPC rating D for new tenancies from April 2022, have again been postponed. Read More...

New building safety regulators proposed for Wales

15 January 2021

The Welsh Government’s Building Safety White Paper covers all multi-occupied residential buildings, from houses converted into flats through to high rise apartment blocks. It sets out major reforms to how properties are designed, built, managed, and lived in whilst proposing clear lines of accountability and a stronger regulatory system. Read More...

Support growing for Fire Safety Bill amendments that add protection for leaseholders

15 January 2021

In November, the House of Lords passed an amendment to the UK Government’s Fire Safety Bill making changes to the current legislation to protect leaseholders from having to pay for historical fire safety remedial work, including the removal of dangerous cladding. Read More...

PayProp: Continued compliance pressure on undesignated client accounts

Tuesday 03 March 2020

Letting agents will need to come up with new ways to manage client money as banks are likely to keep cracking down on undesignated client accounts. Last year, several banks contacted letting agencies across the country, notifying them that their undesignated client accounts would have to be closed.

The banks gave an ultimatum – close undesignated client accounts and replace them with designated accounts for each client or make 'alternative banking arrangements'.

The move could be a response to anti-money laundering legislation, that will be tightened this year. It also acts as an extension of the legal requirement for agents to separate client money and business accounts, in force since April.


If a reaction to banking regulations, more banks may well follow suit this year, with potentially devastating effects on the private rented sector.

While some agencies have reportedly been able to keep their undesignated accounts by demonstrating their compliance with anti-money laundering laws, this can be a massive task in itself.

Agencies in this scenario could potentially also be saddled with additional banking fees, at a time when the tenant fees ban is already hitting agencies’ bottom lines hard.


PropTech could provide a way out for agents finding themselves in this bind.

PayProp offers the security of compliant client money accounts through its banking relationship with NatWest.

While separate client money accounts through another banking arrangement would increase administrative workloads if it was done manually, PayProp automates incoming and outgoing payments, allowing agents to focus on the parts of the job that require a personal touch.

Tracking and auditing transactions is also easier with PayProp. All incoming and outgoing transactions are visible in real time and statements are generated automatically, so letting agents can account for every penny of their clients’ money at any time in just a few clicks.

For a closer look at how PayProp can streamline client account management, get in touch to book a free demo.