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Reviewal date set for housing market in Wales to fully open

10 July 2020

First Minister, Mark Drakeford has today, 10 July 2020 announced in his statement reviewing the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations that the Welsh Government will consider reopening the housing market, to allow viewings in occupied properties, from 27 July 2020. Read More...

Apprenticeships soften pandemic blow to employment for young people

08 July 2020

As part of today’s announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, apprenticeships are to receive a huge boost from the UK Government's measures to grow jobs and strengthen the economy. Read More...

Government introduces Job Retention Scheme

08 July 2020

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, launched today, 8 July, a new scheme to encourage businesses to keep furloughed workers providing a £1,000 one-off payment to UK employers for every employee they bring back from furlough, who remains in employment until the end of January 2021. Read More...

New guidance on collecting belongings

Thursday 28 May 2020

The Welsh Government has issued new guidance for tenants who wish to return to rented accommodation to collect possessions during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The document entitled Collecting your possessions after moving out of your home: Coronavirus is aimed at tenants, including students, who have already vacated their rented accommodation because of the Coronavirus pandemic and who wish to return to that accommodation for the sole purpose of collecting their possessions.


Letting agents in Wales should be aware that the guidance is encouraging tenants to do two things. Firstly, refer to their tenancy agreement which should outline the end of tenancy protocol that applies to the accommodation. Secondly, tenants should discuss their individual circumstances with their landlord or letting agent.

Reasonable excuse to travel

The advice covers tenants being able to travel to collect belongings. It says that if a tenancy has come to an end or is about to come to an end, and tenants may be required to pick up their possessions to comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, then travelling to pick up possessions left at the rental property would be classed as a reasonable excuse to travel.

Social distancing

On social distancing, the guidance says that if tenants need to pick up possessions, and they share the accommodation with others, they may want to agree between themselves and the landlord a different time for each of the tenants to collect possessions, to minimise contact with each other, and to ensure that they adhere to legislation and Government guidance.


The guidance refers to tenants to discuss the possibility of making arrangements with their landlords to store possessions if they cannot collect them. Tenants are advised to ensure they keep a record of any communication with their landlord or letting agent and ask for written confirmation of any agreements made.

Propertymark is continuing to work with the Welsh Government on policies and guidance to ensure the safe reopening of the property market in Wales.