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Discretion in Scottish COVID-19 grant scheme means eligible agencies should get help

04 June 2020

The Scottish Government has responded to concerns raised by Propertymark on behalf of its members, following reports that some Scottish agents had been denied access to business support schemes when local authorities declared the grant is not available to their sector. Read More...

How agents can help vulnerable tenants during self-isolation

03 June 2020

Some tenants who are self-isolating because they are higher risk may face other challenges apart from the direct risk and impact of the virus, Agents are a key part of local communities and can provide housing and support to those in need. Read More...

Greater flexibility built into Job Retention Scheme

01 June 2020

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced on Friday 29 May, changes to the Job Retention Scheme (commonly known as the Furlough Scheme). Read More...

Electrical safety guidance – England

01 June 2020

The UK Government has today, 1 June 2020, released guidance on the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. Read More...

Scottish Government confirms another three-week lockdown

Tuesday 05 May 2020

The Scottish Government has announced the introduction of another three-week lockdown effective from Thursday, 7 May but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as they also release their suggestions on what could happen at the next phase of the pandemic lockdown.

By law, the review of COVID-19 regulations must take place every three weeks to ensure that they remain proportionate to tackle the public health emergency, and the absolute necessity of suppressing the virus, but also recognise the broader harms to health, the economy, and society that are the side-effects of these measures.

At present, the weight of evidence across these harms indicates that there is very little room, if any, for changing the restrictions at this time.

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It will be vital that we as Government make absolutely clear what we expect of you and why, and we will ask in return for you to continue your hard work.

I know it has not been easy and will continue to be hard, but if we work together in a spirit of openness, kindness, and determination, we will succeed.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

Decision framework

Further information has also been released by the Scottish Government on their framework for decision making document which suggests that their next phase will consist of:

  • allowing people to leave the house more than once
  • meet a small bubble of family members but perhaps not within closed quarters
  • phase back in the construction and retail sectors as long as it can be carried out safely

There are yet to be any dates confirmed on when these changes will be implemented.

The Scottish Government has also launched a new tool that allows people the opportunity to offer their ideas and reflections on how Scotland should move forward in order to overcome the challenges to make it out of lockdown. Ideas can be submitted until 10 pm on 11 May.

The tool


Propertymark continues to support its members through the COVID-19 crisis, with a series of online resources for members including responsive webinars, fact sheets, and email updates. Daryl McIntosh, Propertymark's Strategic Development Manager, provided an update for agents in Scotland on the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill and other issues affecting agents in Scotland.

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