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ARLA Propertymark submits evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee

19 March 2019

The Committee sought views on its inquiry into Social Security support for Housing in Scotland. Read More...

Homes Act comes into force on 20 March 2019

19 March 2019

The Home (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 finished its parliamentary journey in December 2018. From tomorrow all social and private landlords, including letting agents, in England will be required to comply. Read More...

Continue to carry out Right to Rent checks

18 March 2019

In a letter from Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP, Minister of State for Immigration, to ARLA Propertymark dated 15 March 2019 the Government has confirmed that there are no immediate changes to the operation of the Right to Rent policy and landlords and letting agents are still obliged to conduct checks as required in legislation. Read More...


Four recent candidates share their experiences of exams

Tuesday 27 November 2018

With full regulation of the lettings industry on the horizon and qualifications likely to become mandatory, now is the time to get ahead of the competition to win customers and beat the queue. We talk to three recent Propertymark Qualifications students who tell us in their own words why they decided to study for a qualification and why it has helped boost their careers and promote their businesses.

Vicky Robinson, Associate Director of Sales and Lettings at Dandara, has recently gained a Level 4 Certificate in Letting and Property Management. Here, she shares her advice for fellow professionals considering studying for a qualification.

“It is vital that clients have trust and confidence in our industry and the professionalism of the people working in it, which is why these qualifications are so important. It also goes without saying that gaining qualifications will build your confidence, broaden your depth of knowledge and help you advance in your career.

“I would offer the following advice for others thinking about a qualification, or already studying for one:

  • Be realistic about what’s involved and the level of commitment required. If possible, try to build some dedicated study days into your schedule. I requested a study day each month. Although I didn’t have to use all of them, knowing they were available was a huge help.
  • I find I study more effectively when I have to work to dates that put me under a little bit of pressure. Compare the recommended study time and examination dates, then plan out a schedule that will work for you.
  • Downtime is important. Don’t forget to make time for yourself, family and friends. I was very lucky to have the support of my husband, work colleagues and manager, which really helped when the exams came around.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of a quiet space to study in, buy your significant other some headphones so they can watch TV and you can study in peace.
  • I found it really helped to undertake a ‘dry run’ to the exam venue so I knew where to park and where the exam hall was. 
  • Keep the faith. Knowing you have the discipline to stay the course is extremely rewarding.

What was the hardest part in achieving this qualification?
“Making and finding the time to study could be tricky with a full-time job, however my notes came everywhere with me and I studied whenever I got a quiet moment. Also, I found keeping the momentum going over six exams quite difficult. I hit a bit of a ‘wall’ by the fourth exam, so I awarded myself a four-week ‘study holiday’ over Christmas after that one!"

How important is it to the customer for you to be qualified?
“Clients rightly expect us to work to the highest standards of professionalism and conduct, so it’s very important to them that I have the right professional accreditations. Clients do lots of due diligence and are increasingly well-informed, and naturally seek out the best operators in the field. As competition increases those operators will need to be qualified.”

Louise Henry, White and Sons Lettings in Surrey - Level 3 Award in Residential Lettings and Property Management

"Having been out of further education for a number of years, initially I was somewhat anxious, but I have felt a great sense of achievement in completing the award, finding the studying easy to fit round my usual day-to-day routine. The qualification has given me further grounding to continue my career in property management.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our staff members are skilled with the most recent industry qualification so we can continue to deliver excellent customer service and the best advice.

“My message to fellow pupils is simple – make lots of notes! Studying when you get past school age is actually quite difficult because its very hard to remember it all.”

Tom Hood, Property Manager, University of Surrey Lettings - Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management

“I am very proud of this achievement, it is a recognition of four years of professional experience and six months of studying. It represents the fact my career and my understanding of the lettings industry is growing. I am looking to use this award as a foundation for moving my career forward. I want to do the Level 4 exam in lettings and property management next and then apply for an MBA in Business Management.

“The course is divided into four manageable sections which can be taken at your own pace. The amount of knowledge gained through studying for the exams has proved very valuable and the qualification looks great on the CV. The hardest part of the qualification for me was the third module ‘Residential Property Letting Practice’. I found this module dealt with best practice, rather than definitive answers, so you need to gain a wide range of knowledge on a variety of scenarios.

“Being qualified is imperative from a business point of view to instil confidence in our clients, both landlords and students. It also gives me the confidence to effectively deal with situations that arise.”

Millie Davis, Lettings Coordinator, University of Surrey Lettings - Level 3 Award in Residential Lettings and Property Management

“Gaining the award was a real achievement for me. Coming from a predominantly sales background, this role is my first in lettings and to pass each exam on the first time was something I was very proud of.

“This award will help further my career within the industry by being able to confidently give out the correct advice I learned through studying, especially when helping students with their rights as tenants. It's something I wanted to achieve for some time and I feel it was very important for me to do, being quite new to the lettings industry.

“Landlords also rely on our advice and expertise because of the nature of our business. While serving two customer bases, we need to make sure the advice we can give a tenant or landlord is appropriate.
We need to be aware of both landlord and tenant obligations.

“Although the thought of studying and taking four exams is not something everyone may want to do, I have found it invaluable and found the course notes easy to read and understand and it’s made me feel more confident in my job on a day-to-day basis. The hardest part for me was taking the time out of a normal day to study and learn the notes.”

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