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Scottish Labour party’s Bill to crackdown further on rents

22 May 2019

Consultation is underway on Scottish Labour’s ‘Mary Barbour Bill’ in which if passed, will create further controls on rents. Read More...

Opinion of Scottish Legal Counsel received on Short Assured Tenancies

22 May 2019

ARLA Propertymark has sought Opinion of Counsel on the status of existing Short Assured Tenancies (SAT) following the Private Housing Tenancies (Scotland) Act 2016 coming into force. Read More...

Most affordable homes in England and Wales

22 May 2019

The latest data from the Office of National Statistics has revealed where the most affordable places to buy a home are in England and Wales based on the ratio of the average salary and the average property price. Read More...

How changes in legislation will push agents to embrace modern technologies

Friday 23 November 2018

With the looming implementation of the new Tenants Fees Bill, Professional Inventory Inspections are set to become an even more essential aspect of managing your properties.

There are many aspects of this new regulation that will change the way you as a letting agent operate.

Unable to charge your tenants for inventories performed, you are facing a bit of a conundrum. As a letting agent, you will need to charge your landlords for the time spent managing their properties. This can be a difficult task.

Here is where you can make a difference!
Your inventories will be of great importance. By creating professional reports, you are sure to keep track of the state of the dwelling, meaning that it will be much easier to prove when the tenant has to pay for certain damages pertaining to the property. Therefore, creating added value for the landlord, negating the extra costs charged to the landlord and ultimately enabling you to defend any cost of service to your clients.

It’s not only about money, it’s about safety!
You have to make sure you are compliant with the new rules & regulations laid out for the private rental properties. You need to make sure that all has been recorded accurately and correctly.

By creating professional reports, you can easily prove that you are compliant with the new EPC norms, fitness for human habitation (coming soon), health, safety and security standards, and more.

That’s why you need a modern tool and a modern way of working!There are many reasons why pen and paper is simply not efficient, effective or accurate. Implement modernity into your workplace and choose an inspection tool worthy of it.

That’s where Propertymark Industry Supplier, Chapps, comes in.

Chapps stands for “checking apps”. They specialise in creating a wide range of inspection “solutions” specifically tailored for the real estate sector.

Performing detailed and efficient inspections is the foundation on which property management operates, and you need to get the right data. By doing so, you make sure that the information you collect helps you generate reliable and practical information.

You need more than a checklist on a tablet. You need a professional tool for reliable inspections. Chapps can offer you different apps which will help you overcome a variety of different inspection challenges that you may be confronted with, whilst supporting the processes and people involved.

Chapps puts you, as a manager, in full control via the powerful cloud based 'Chapps Manager'. All of the inspections apps are well designed, action driven and offer practical solutions, helping you to become organised.

From now on work smart, fast and accurately, by using Chapps.