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COVID-19, arrears and your lettings business

02 July 2020

Propertymark Industry Supplier, PayProp looks at the impact of COVID-19 and how agents can best cope with unforeseen challenges when it comes to lost income, managing arrears, and avoiding evictions. Read More...

ARLA Propertymark members manage almost half of England’s private rented sector

01 July 2020

The number of private rented homes in England currently sit at 4.8 million, according to the latest English Housing Survey published by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), and as of May 2020, ARLA Propertymark members manage 47 per cent of those properties. Read More...

Prime Minister promises “Project Speed” will increase home building

01 July 2020

Boris Johnson announced today, 30 June, an ambitious £5bn plan to boost the UK economy with a focus on infrastructure development. The funding will be used for building homes, public services, and transport links, and adds substance to his “build, build, build” pledge to change planning laws to prevent delays in large-scale building projects and deliver greener and faster homes. Read More...

Tenants Liability Insurance, a win win

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Tenant Shop has been working with Letting Agents for over ten years and provide a portfolio of products and services via their technology platform, SULU.

Their core offering to agents includes:

  • Notifications to council and utility suppliers and account management to help resolve billing queries
  • A void management solution in partnership with ScottishPower.
  • A deposit replacement alternative provided by Reposit.
  • A portfolio of services to tenants: reducing bills with choice of market energy switching, exclusive media deals from Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk and a range of insurance products.

Their portfolio of home insurance products powered by Paymentshield includes Rent Protection, Buildings and Contents cover and Tenants Liability. The benefits of rent protection to both agent and landlord are clear – protecting landlords against unpaid rent and assistance in legal matters in relation to eviction proceedings, is key cover for both landlord and agent. The stress and worry for landlords of unpaid rent is of course a major concern and the reassurance of RPI brings crucial peace of mind. But what about tenants liability cover?

Tenants liability insurance covers renters for accidental damage to furniture, fixtures and fittings that they are responsible for under their tenancy agreement.

Protecting properties remains crucial

Alongside providing tenants with safe accommodation, protecting their investment is of course a top priority for most landlords.

In the event of accidental damage to a rental property, a claim can be made if renters have tenant liability insurance, saving the landlord money and reducing the risk of tenants having to fund any repairs or replacement items out of their own security deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Tenant liability insurance provides a win-win situation. The tenant improves their chances of getting their full deposit back at the end of the contract, while the landlord can remain satisfied that they shouldn’t have to foot the bill for potentially costly accidental damage.

This can contribute towards fewer deposit disputes between landlords and tenants, helping tenants to receive their deposit back quicker and giving landlords the opportunity to prepare for the next tenancy effectively.

Fractured relationships can of course increase the chances of deposit disputes, the need for evictions and ultimately void periods. Tenant liability insurance is one of many important factors that can help to build trust between stakeholders and subsequently avoid these negative issues.

Tenant Shop is an FCA authorised insurance intermediary which sits between you as letting agents and the product providers. They understand insurance products and understand tenants’ needs allowing them to ably assist tenants in making an informed choice.

If you would like to discuss the details of any of their services, please contact the team on 0203 823 9353 or email