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22 May 2019

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Opinion of Scottish Legal Counsel received on Short Assured Tenancies

22 May 2019

ARLA Propertymark has sought Opinion of Counsel on the status of existing Short Assured Tenancies (SAT) following the Private Housing Tenancies (Scotland) Act 2016 coming into force. Read More...

Most affordable homes in England and Wales

22 May 2019

The latest data from the Office of National Statistics has revealed where the most affordable places to buy a home are in England and Wales based on the ratio of the average salary and the average property price. Read More...

Our healthcheck will save your business time and money

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Every year Propertymark regulated agents are required to submit a client money examination to renew their membership. In the past the only option has been an accountant’s report. There’s now an alternative – the Client Money HealthCheck.

What is a HealthCheck?

The Healthcheck is a programme developed by The Letting Partnership which removes the need for accountant’s visits.  Agents complete a web based questionnaire ‘in house’ and submit supporting documents.  Responses are analysed and a detailed report is prepared.

What’s the Cost?

For Propertymark member agents the cost of a HealthCheck is just £300 (including VAT)  - no hidden charges!   

The HealthCheck Process

It’s simple!  All you need to do is:

  • Go to
  • Print out the Check Sheet
  • Complete the online questionnaire and submit the required supporting documents
  • Make payment
  • A copy of the HealthCheck Report will be sent by email to you and Propertymark

If any issues or queries arise during the processing a member of the HealthCheck Team will contact you either by telephone or email.  Conversely if you, the agent, have any questions the Team are on hand to help. 

What Propertymark members have to say about the HealthCheck

This was a most pleasant experience and more agents should take up this alternative solution for ARLA membership.

 Dharmesh Patadia – D & J Lettings & Property Management

The process has certainly been an easier task than our earlier experiences of an accountant’s check and I will be pleased, if possible, to repeat next year.

David Thomas – Firthview Property Management

Much cheaper, lots faster and far less hassle than an Accountants Report –

John Read – Shaws Estate Agents Kensington

We found the service far quicker, easier and cheaper than using a private accountant so would recommend this service to other agents without hesitation. The staff were friendly and responded very quickly with any questions we did have during the application process.

Francis Martin – Henry Adams (Midhurst)

Who can complete the HealthCheck?

The HealthCheck has been designed to be completed ‘in house’  by you the agent. You do not need any accounting knowledge as The Letting Partnership will be processing and auditing the information you provide.

Sample questions that are requested as follows:-

  • Total number of active tenancies where you collect rent on monthly, weekly or quarterly basis
  • Number of properties in your portfolio that are fully managed
  • Average monthly rent on AST’s across portfolio
  • Number of Protected & Unprotected Tenant Deposits

Who are The Letting Partnership?

The company was set up 13 Years ago by Jennifer Markham, who has worked in the letting industry for over 30 years and previously owned her own letting agency with a portfolio of 600 lets.  The business was set up to assist agents with the back office functions of lettings specifically the handling and processing of client money.  The company works with agents of ‘all shapes and sizes’ across the UK

How long will process take?

Depending on the size of the portfolio completing the online questionnaire should take between 1 – 2 hours.  Once the completed questionnaire and supporting documents are submitted the HealthCheck report will be finalised and sent out.


Contact Details:


Phone Number: 01903 477902