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Professionals and public warned over rogue agencies

13 December 2019

Three agencies have been expelled from The Property Ombudsman (TPO) for failing to deliver on payments that were instructed by them. Read More...

GE2019 - Party pledges and Propertymark

10 December 2019

Before the political parties finalised their manifestoes for the General Election on 12 December, Propertymark published its own ‘manifesto’ calling on the new Government to regulate and reform the housing sector. How do the major parties’ manifestoes meet Propertymark’s calls on the issues the property industry faces? Read More...

Propertymark and TDS matrix aims to simplify Tenant Fees Ban

10 December 2019

ARLA Propertymark and Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) have created a matrix for landlords and agents to help explain the differences between the Tenant Fees Act 2019 in England and the Renting Homes (Fees Etc.) (Wales) Act 2019, which came into force in Wales in September. Read More...

Changes to Holding Deposit Laws follows Propertymark meeting with Welsh Minister

09 December 2019

On 4 December, David Cox, Chief Executive, ARLA Propertymark and Board Member for Wales, Angela Davey, met with the Welsh Housing Minister, Julie James AM, to explain the massive difficulties agents face when Governments give the industry very little notice of changes in legislation. The Minister has now extended the date the Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Specified Information) (Wales) Regulations 2019 will come into force to 28 February 2020. Read More...

Views expressed in letter to Welsh Housing Minister

Tuesday 01 October 2019

Now the dust has settled on the implementation of the Renting Homes (Fees etc.) Wales Act, the Welsh Government must acknowledge the impact on letting agent’s businesses and further aspects of the legislation must be implemented in a more timely and efficient manner.

The response was sent to stress the disappointment of ARLA Propertymark in the way that Welsh Government has implemented the legislation as agents were not given enough time to understand the guidance due to it only being released 14 working days before the legislation was due to come into force. Put simply, lessons need to be learnt.  

This legislation changed the very nature of how lettings businesses operate; removing approximately 20 per cent of their turnover and requiring agencies to fundamentally change their business models.

The impact on tenants is also being felt with ARLA Propertymark’s Private Rented Sector Report in August outlining that rents remain at record high for the fourth consecutive month.

In addition, there are still significant questions on the legislation outstanding, relating to default fees and prescribed information for Holding Deposits, and the possibility of additional regulations later this year which may potentially require agents to change their business models twice within six months.

As outlined in the letter to the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Julie James AM,  it is vital that the Welsh Government engages closely with the sector and professional bodies such as ARLA Propertymark to ensure any new legislation is brought into force is such a way that it allows businesses sufficient time to be able to adapt to change so their services to consumers can continue. The Welsh Government must recognise that 14 working days is simply not enough time for such a fundamental change to an industry’s business model.

ARLA Propertymark hopes to receive a response from the Welsh Government on this matter.

Propertymark Wales Conference

The Conference takes place on 17 October at The Vale Resort. We will cover key aspects of the Renting Homes (Fees etc.) Wales Act, with an opportunity to ask questions about how the rules are working for you.

Welsh Conference

Propertymark resources

ARLA Propertymark members in Wales can download the Tenant Fees Toolkit Wales that includes:

  • 6 Fact Sheets
  • 10 Practical Tips
  • Case Study from Scotland
  • Tenant Guide
  • Landlord Guide
  • ASTs
  • Fee Templates
  • Template letters
  • FAQs document

Tenant Fees Toolkit Wales