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Ex-Housing Minister calls for changes to landlords Capital Gains Tax

18 April 2019

Former Housing Minister, Dominic Raab has called for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for landlords to be scrapped on properties up to £35,000 where they have sold the property on to a sitting tenant. Read More...

Bristol City Council to lead on lettings enforcement

18 April 2019

Bristol City Council has been announced as the Lead Enforcement Authority for letting agents operating in England. The new Lead Enforcement Authority follows its counterpart for UK-wide estate agency, which is headed by Powys County Council. Read More...

Government consult on extending AML rules to lettings

16 April 2019

On 15 April 2019, the UK Government launched a consultation on extending the anti-money laundering rules to cover letting agents as set out in the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD). Read More...

Are you giving tenants what they want?

Saturday 01 September 2018

Over the generations, the amount of people being able to get onto the property ladder has decreased due to inflation of housing prices and living costs, making renting the only realistic option for many to live on their own. But are lettings agents giving tenants what they want?

New research from GoCompare found 59% of current tenants would like to buy a property but cannot afford to.

57% of those aged 45+ have been living in their rental properties for more than 10 years, meaning that for many renting is no longer just a short-term solution. This means finding the right property is paramount; from location, the number of bedrooms, and its proximity to good schools and stations.

Perhaps the most interesting and useful aspect of the research is that which looked at what the renting population of the UK are looking for in a rental property and what letting agents and landlords actually offer in their advertisements. The research, conducted with a sample of 1000 tenants, is presented as an interactive tool comparing survey results which have been broken down nationally and by age group - allowing for greater insight into the world of renting. Survey questions included thoughts around the importance of quality of the area, number of bedrooms, and additional amenities such as cleaning or concierge services.

These results were compared against rental ads on RightMove which were crawled for common words and phrases to show what landlords are actually advertising. A summary of some of the key findings is given in the table below:

Property Features

What Tenants Want

What Landlords Offer






Distance to Schools




Parking Space




Garden/ Roof Terrace




Gym / Pool




Quality Aesthetics of Area




Close to Work / University




Cleaning Service












No preference for furnished/unfurnished




Concierge Serviced Accommodation 




  • 50% of all UK renters believed that the number of bedrooms was very important when looking for a property.
  • 60% of the UK wanted their properties to be unfurnished, despite only 14% of landlords advertising this, and 51% of advertisements having no furniture description at all.
  • 40% thought that being close to work or university was somewhat important, with 25% of people believing that is was very important and 11% believed that is wasn't important at all. Over 58% of landlords advertise whether their property is close to a university or work locations to attract potential renters.
  • Just 3% of landlords mention whether a cleaning service is available, but 16% of the UK would like a weekly cleaning service available in the property, with renters in Leeds wanting cleaning services the most at 30%.
  • Only 7% of the UK would like to live in a property with a concierge or serviced accommodation, Gloucester had the highest amount of renters who wanted this service with 29%.

Despite signs that the housing market may be slowing down, house prices still remain relatively high, meaning renting is the only viable option for the majority. With the number of renters looking for properties increasing year on year, you can get more of the share of the market by making sure you offer what tenants want. When used in conjunction with your own local lettings market knowledge, GoCompare’s latest tool may help provide an insight into what tenants are looking for and how you should be advertising your landlords properties.

View the interactive tool here