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Energy Efficiency PRS Regulations in Scotland on hold again

15 January 2021

The Scottish Government has today, 15 January, announced the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (Scotland) Standards that were to come into law in April 2021, with the first standard requiring properties to have a minimum EPC rating D for new tenancies from April 2022, have again been postponed. Read More...

New building safety regulators proposed for Wales

15 January 2021

The Welsh Government’s Building Safety White Paper covers all multi-occupied residential buildings, from houses converted into flats through to high rise apartment blocks. It sets out major reforms to how properties are designed, built, managed, and lived in whilst proposing clear lines of accountability and a stronger regulatory system. Read More...

Support growing for Fire Safety Bill amendments that add protection for leaseholders

15 January 2021

In November, the House of Lords passed an amendment to the UK Government’s Fire Safety Bill making changes to the current legislation to protect leaseholders from having to pay for historical fire safety remedial work, including the removal of dangerous cladding. Read More...

Evictions post 20 September 2020

Thursday 17 September 2020

The UK Government has published an updated form relating to property possession claims brought before 3 August 2020 that must be reactivated. These relate to claims already received by the court.

To reactivate a claim, the forms need to be re-completed and a reactivation notice sent to the court dealing with the case. However, they cannot be issued before 20 September 2020, which is when the extended date for the band on evictions ends.

Evictions that will be given priority include anti-social behaviour and extreme rent arrears of at least 12 months’ rent, or nine months’ rent if it is more than 25 per cent of a landlords’ total annual income from any source. Other exceptions include squatters, domestic violence, fraud, deception, illegal sub-letting, and abandonment of a property.

The update also reveals that landlords will have to make themselves available for telephone meetings with tenants and their representatives prior to court hearings to ‘prevent the determent of compromise’.

Reactivation notice

Courts capacity

A warning has been issued too, stating the court capacity during COVID-19 will be reduced. Propertymark wrote to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 14 September, urging the Government to adequately resource and amend the courts’ system. The ten new Nightingale courts recently introduced may not be enough to deal with the backlog and this will have a knock-on effect for agents and private landlords waiting to regain possession of their properties.

Possessions claims

Accelerated possession claims issued before 3 August 2020 will require a Reactivation Notice as with all other stayed claims. Landlords will be given an initial ‘review date’ for new and stayed claims of 21 days but 14 days beforehand, they should provide paper evidence in written or electronic form and then, on the review date, be available for a telephone conference with the tenant or their adviser, after which the court will make a decision about whether to proceed to a hearing.


A new voluntary mediation pilot is to be conducted to facilitate a pre-hearing agreement between landlords and tenants too, which will be provided by an independent provider but jointly funded by the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Updated procedure rules

Civil Procedure Rules 1998 Part 55to extend the existing stay on all possession proceedings and all enforcement proceedings by way of writ or warrant of possession were amended to come into force on 22 August. This will end on 20 September 2020 with the intention of avoiding any gap in the operation of the stay on possession proceedings and providing for a short extension to allow time for final preparations and procedural arrangements to be made for the resumption of possession cases in the courts.

Procedure rules