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Winter weather precautions

20 January 2021

Propertymark Industry Supplier, Gallagher offers practical steps that can help agents and their clients reduce the risk of damage to property as areas of the nation are set to see further warnings of more inclement weather to come. Damage caused by the escape of water from frozen pipes and other equipment can be extremely costly in repairs and disruption. Read More...

Concerns raised over new energy efficiency proposals

20 January 2021

Propertymark has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on Improving the Energy Performance of Privately Rented Homes in England and Wales by highlighting a number of concerns. These relate to affordability and the need to look beyond a one-size fits all policy and develop proposals that work with the different age, condition, and size of properties in the private rented sector. Read More...

Change smoke and carbon rules for earlier checks

19 January 2021

Propertymark has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on extending the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Regulations in England, arguing that the rules should be amended so that landlords and agents must make sure the alarms are tested prior to the start of the tenancy and not on the first day of each new tenancy. Read More...

Licensing schemes are irresponsible in the current climate

19 January 2021

Propertymark has responded to a number of licensing scheme proposals from local authorities across England in recent months arguing that Councils who are pursuing the implementation of licensing schemes are being socially irresponsible. This is because in these unprecedented times landlords and agents are not able to comply with the requirements and Council resources are unlikely to be able to effectively enforce them. Read More...

Extended notice periods to continue to March 2021

Tuesday 01 September 2020

The Scottish Government has today confirmed that the ban on evictions will be extended for a further six months to March 2021.

To provide greater support to tenants and landlords, they have announced a £10 million package of interest-free loans to help tenants struggling to pay their rent due to financial difficulty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

ARLA Propertymark has been in regular contact with the Scottish Government, feeding in members' views, explaining that landlords are working to support tenants wherever possible, while also explaining the wider impact of the pandemic on the private rented sector.

Focusing on those who are unable to access other support, the Tenant Hardship Loan Fund is scheduled to open in the Autumn. Alongside this, the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) fund which helps tenants in receipt of benefits will increase by £3 million.

Emergency legislation put in place to protect private and social tenants from eviction during the coronavirus pandemic is very likely to be extended by six months however the Scottish Government are examining proposals to allow landlords to regain possession within one month in cases of anti-social or criminal behaviour.

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Tackling inequality and supporting people is a central theme of this year’s Programme for Government and this package of support for tenants is part of that.

We already know that the pandemic has hit the lowest earners hardest and the Scottish Government has already put in place a range of actions in place to support tenants.

This new £10 million fund, along with a further increase in our Discretionary Housing Payment funds, will mean that no one should be left in a position where they cannot access support to pay their rent. The intention is that this fund will open in November for those unable to access other forms of support to help meet their housing costs.

We have been clear that no landlord should evict a tenant because they have suffered financial hardship due to the pandemic. I fully expect landlords to be flexible with anyone facing such challenges, signposting them to the sources of financial support available, and tenants in difficulty should engage with their landlord and seek advice on the options open to them.

I can confirm today that emergency legislation will be extended to ensure no evictions can take place until March 2021. However, since the initial legislation was introduced we have listened carefully to tenants and housing authorities concerned that a three month notice period is too long where tenants have behaved in an anti-social or criminal way. We are therefore reverting back to a one month period for repossession for such cases to ensure we can protect other tenants, neighbours and landlords who should not have to tolerate such behaviour.

Kevin Stewart, Housing Minister

ARLA Propertymark will continue to keep members updated on developments.