Getting Ready for Scottish Lettings Regulation - Bundle 2

We have created great value, flexible bundles to support members who need different levels of resource and support in preparation for forthcoming lettings regulation.

Bundle 2 includes:

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Save £470*

Eligibility criteria applies
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Two Days of Study Support

The Official Level 6 Qualification Support Course helps to boost your learning if you are already studying for the Technical Award.
Focusing on more complex areas, we will have a variety of dates available to support study and will be adding dates throughout the promotion for both days.

ARLA Propertymark Membership

Membership comes with a range of benefits, providing credibility, up-to-date information on best practice and legislation and putting you ahead of the competition. You must pass your qualification before you apply for membership.

How Does It Work?

All items bought as part of a bundle will appear in the ‘My Promotions’ area of 

Each item must be activated via My Promotions, any items accessed via other areas of the website will be charged at standard rates.

Where membership is purchased as part of a bundle it can only be activated when you are eligible ie if you are becoming qualified as part of a package you will not be able to activate the membership until your qualification is complete. If you wish to join as a Student member while you study you will need to do this additionally.

Workbook and study support can be independently ordered and will wait on your My Promotions page until you activate them. All parts of your bundle will be available until 31 December 2020 and full ARLA Propertymark membership can be started at any point before this. To check the time remaining before expiry check back to My Promotions.

Please check that you meet all eligibility criteria for membership before purchase. Eligibility criteria includes working for an ARLA Propertymark Protected company or meeting company obligations as a Principal, Partner or Director.

The Process

Step 1
Purchase the bundle and follow the links in your welcome email or log into your account. 

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Step 2
Your promotions will appear in My Promotions. Order your workbook via the link and book your study support courses – each part of the promotion will wait in My Promotions until activated.

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Step 3
Start studying, book your exams and successfully complete your qualification. 

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Step 4
Return to ‘My Promotions’ to apply for membership. 

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