Virtual courses in AML, business skills and finance

Anti-Money Laundering — Foundation

Trainer: Jerry Walters

It is a legal requirement for all relevant employees to receive Anti-Money Laundering training so they can understand and implement the correct procedures in line with the latest legislation.

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Anti-Money Laundering — Advanced

Trainer: Jerry Walters

This course will give you the requisite skills to adopt a Risk Based Approach to the firm’s working practices by identifying the risks faced and applying appropriate measures to mitigate them.

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Mastering communications to increase profit

Trainer: Nick Looby

From the power of storying telling to productive conversations, this course will provide you with effective interaction methods to gain a competitive edge.

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Finance for non-finance managers

Trainer: Martin Mellor

Tackle the jargon and complexity that often makes finance difficult without an accounting background. Take away knowledge that will help you make sense of financial information, documents and reports.

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Complaints handling and reputation management

Trainer: Jane Erskine

This virtual course uses real-life case studies and offers step-by-step guidance on how to manage consumer expectations and respond in a manner that will preserve (and even enhance) your company’s reputation.

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Transform you, your team and your profit

Trainer: Tony Piccirillo

This virtual course teaches you how to implement and monetise the habits and principles which the elite army, sports teams and businesses use in their organisations.

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The leadership and management standard

Trainer: Gayle Audley

This course has been developed by industry professionals for industry professionals to help lift you and your business from good to great.

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Client accounting for residential lettings

Trainer: Ian Potter

This course will provide you with practical guidance on non-resident landlords and the Finance Act 1995. It will also explain the basics of client accounting and areas of potential risk.

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90 days planning

Trainer: Ian McWalter

Create and execute highly powerful business activity that will drive you towards your major goals 90 days at a time. Breaking an activity down into bite-size pieces really works and this training will provide you with the know-how to create a meaningful and achievable 90-day plan.

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