Complexities of HMO management, licensing and HHSRS (virtual training)

This advanced virtual course will cover what is involved in running an HMO which is likely to require some form of licence. It also covers the potential pitfalls and what you can do to avoid them including a detailed explanation of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and the various options for enforcement open to local authorities and potentially tenants.

Part one:

  • What is an HMO?  Definitions under the Housing Act 2004
  • Planning: rules and regulation including Article 4 Directives

Part two:

  • Licencing: mandatory, additional and selective
  • The process of licensing and conditions
  • Enforcement of licencing and implications of failures

Part three:

  • HHSRS: what is it?  How is it applied?
  • Implications and enforcement

This course comprises of three 90-minute sessions with breaks in between each session.

Understanding the Complexities of HMO Management, Licensing and HHSRS (Virtual Classroom)

  • Virtual Classroom Containing 3 Sessions - Thursday 25th March 2021 09:30 - 15:30
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    Member Price: £135.00 (+VAT)
    Non-member price: £189.00 (+VAT)

Meet the trainer

David Whitney

David Whitney

David is an accredited mediator who also sits as a fee paid Judge of the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). He has been focused property litigation for the past 18 years and has become a specialist in the field of long residential leasehold work.

David regularly assists freeholders, managing agents and leaseholders with the full range of issues that arise in this niche area, representing them at court and in tribunals.